Collagewall Labs Support

To purchase parts as a wholesale customer, visit the Collagewall Labs store page.

Offering Collagewall displays

Your lab can sell and produce Collagewall displays. We provide the parts and expertise!

On this page you can:

  1. Get an overview of layouts, panel sizes, and picture styles

  2. Find out about Purchasing Parts

  3. See pricing and calculate your production costs on the Pricing section

  4. See how to assemble Collagewall orders on the Production section

  5. Learn how to integrate with Photo Finale or ROES

  6. Understand what we expect from partners on the Guidelines section

  7. Download marketing images and text from Content section


Review Collagewall overview for labs (PDF) for a visual introduction to the system.


Choose one or more of the following sets to offer to your customers.

Layout Set A View
  • A mix of 64 rectangular layouts in many sizes
  • Offered by Bay Photo and Technicare
Layout Set F View
  • Our most popular rectangular and non-rectangular layouts, updated in 2018
  • Offered by Miller's Lab and Mpix
Layout Set G View
  • Set A (Bay Photo's original set) + Set F
  • Offered by Bay Photo Lab (starting in 2018)

To avoid consumer confusion and dilution of the Collagewall brand, we expect partners to only offer collages that use Collagewall sizes as “Collagewall displays”, not as “wall clusters” or “wall collages” or other named products.

Five panel sizes

Only certain panel sizes permitted for Collagewall displays:

  • 5 x 5
  • 5 x 11
  • 5 x 17
  • 11 x 11
  • 11 x 17

The side dimensions are exact-size:

  • 5 ± 1/32"
  • 11 ± 1/32"
  • 17 ± 1/32"

Collagewall parts should not be used with any other size panels.

Two picture styles

Currently, we encourage a limited number of panel styles:

  1. Metal: Dye sublimation printing on high-gloss .045" aluminum panels with 1/8" radius corners. 
  2. "Hardboard": Lustre silver-halide prints mounted on black-edged, 1/8" thick hardboard (traditional) or 3mm black plastic hardboard (new in 2021)

Purchasing parts

You purchase Collagewall parts from us and panels from other suppliers. 

Collagewall parts

Visit the Collagewall Labs store page. There you can order:

  • CWP149: Back Sheets (Case of 200)
  • CWP102: Grid Paper (36" x 500' roll)
  • CWP148: Push-in Pegs (Case of 1000)
  • CWP136: Foam Spacer Strips (Case of 200)
  • CWP104: Peg Counter

Metal panels

We recommend gloss white ChromaLuxe panels, which they stock in Collagewall sizes:

  • 5x5": 4294
  • 5x11": 4295
  • 5x17": 4296
  • 11x11": 4297
  • 11x17": 4287

Most of ChromaLuxe distributors can offer those panels. Here is a list of distributors that specialize in the photo market:

Hardboard panels

Up until 2021, we were recommending black-edged hardboard panels supplied by United Industries. But major issues in the U.S. wooden hardboard supply chain has led them, and other photo supply companies, to discontinue wooden hardboard / "masonite" photo mounting boards.

We are now recommending their "3mm black ULTRABoard PVC" substrate. Here are the Item Numbers:

  • 5x5": MK3MMBCN-00002
  • 5x11": MK3MMBCN-00004
  • 5x17": MK3MMBCF-00004
  • 11x11": MK3MMBCF-00005
  • 11x17": MK3MMBCF-00009

Contact Kent Baker or Marcus Palmer at United Industries to get the latest pricing.

To calculate how many boards of each size to order, use this spreadsheet: Collagewall hardboard calculator (XLS).


Cost calculators

What sort of margins should we expect? To estimate the profitability of Collagewall displays, use this spreadsheet: Collagewall cost calculator (Excel)

  • Fill-in the yellow highlighted cells with your actual cost figures.
  • There are two worksheets: metal and hardboard.


All Collagewall displays have historically been priced per square foot to make ordering simple. The retail MSRPs are (in USD):

  • $48/sq ft for Collagewall metal displays
  • $38/sq ft for Collagewall hardboard displays

UPDATE 2018: We are no longer enforcing this restriction and will work with labs that want to have more flexible pricing. Email to request a spreadsheet the shows how our partners are pricing displays (and individual panels). 


Once you're producing Collagewall displays, train your staff with these links.

What the customer experience should be

If you haven't already, make sure to see how end-users install a display (Slideshow)

Assembling an order

Watch how you assemble Collagewall orders (Video)

In the video you'll see how to:

  • Attach panels to 12x18" back sheets (CWP119)
  • Tear and fold grid paper (CWP102)
  • Add foam spacers (CWP136)
  • Use the peg counter (CWP104)
  • Wrap painters tape around the foam strip!


Printing instruction sheets

For any of the Layouts, you can access all the instruction sheet PDFs or link to specific ones by substituting the layout number in the URL like this

Using oversized prints

Because Collagewall panels are exact-sized, you will need to print images slightly oversized – by 1/8" or 1/4".

Alternatively, you can gang-up multiple prints on a 12x18" sheet, like some labs do.

Using 12x18 prints

To streamline high-volume production, some labs group images together into 12x18 sheets like these: Sample 1 and Sample 2

Since back sheets are also 12x18", this is a natural way to organize prints.

To make it easy to place hardboard panels on these 12x18" sheets, we offer a special jig.

Integrating with Photo Finale

Photo Finale is a consumer ordering website that retailers customize with their brand and products. Products retailers offer on their Photo Finale site include prints, books, cards, calendars, gifts…and now, Collagewall displays!

How it works

Purchase the Collagewall hanging system parts from us and produce the product yourselves. (Want to sell Collagewall displays but not produce them yourself? Let us know.)

Using Photo Finale, your customers get:

  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Over 100 Collagewall layouts: small, medium, large and most popular

Getting started

If you already have a Photo Finale site, we will turn on your access to the Collagewall catalog in their production software and you can add the products to your lineup.

Assuming your lab is already using Photo Finale, we just turn on your access to the Collagewall catalog in production software.

  1. Review all content on this page.

  2. Email support telling us you want to offer Collagewall displays through the Photo Finale software. Include this information about your lab:

    • Lab name
    • Photo Finale website address, like "" or ""
    • Dealer code, i.e. the number used to log into Lab 50.
    • Your name, email and phone number
  3. Within a couple days, you will get an email from Photo Finale with instructions on how to access the Collagewall catalog and offer the products on your Photo Finale site.

Integrating with Softworks ROES

We offer labs a customized ROES template file/catalog that they can import into their product catalog using the ROES Template Tool.

We've done most of the coding to automatically generate the XML file. With input from you, we can generate exactly what you need.

Getting started

  1. Review all the pages of the Collagewall lab support site: home, sample kit, pricing, production, etc.
  2. Email support telling us you want to offer Collagewall displays using Softworks ROES.
  3. Based on your preferences, we can prepare a custom XML catalog file. For now, you can download a sample version: ROES Catalog Set A (XML) or ROES Catalog Set C (XML). For a description of these two layouts sets, see production page.
  4. Launch ROES Template Tool and open the file. Learn more about the tool.
  5. Modify pricing, add options, etc.
  6. Create the necessary DP2 product files.

More efficient production with 12x18 sheets

To streamline production, it's possible to have your system group images together into 12x18 sheets like these: Sample 1 and Sample 2.

Contact us if you'd like to work with us to figure out this advanced integration.

What do we expect from our partners?


Collagewall Brand Promise

Collagewall radically simplifies how people design, buy, install and use multi-panel displays.

This brand promise means that:

  • Collagewall displays are easy to design, install and update.
  • Collagewall panels fit all Collagewall grids and accessories, no matter where they were made.
  • Collagewall panels you buy in 5-10 years will match panels you buy today.

Partner Guidelines

We expect our partners to help us keep that promise to customers.

In order to give customers a consistent, positive experience with Collagewall displays, we expect all partners to follow these guidelines:

  • Only certain panel sizes are supported. See production.
  • Many layouts are available. See production.
  • Panel styles are limited. See production.
  • These are always called “Collagewall® displays”
  • Only official parts (our back sheets, grid paper, pegs, etc.) may be used to make Collagewall displays.
  • Terms are used consistently. See content.

Before starting to sell Collagewall displays, please review all the pages in this Lab Support section of our website.

Please email us with feedback about what guidelines should be changed or clarified.


Here you can access all the photos, text and design work you need to describe and promote Collagewall products.


To avoid confusion for end-users, we require that all advertising and marketing copy be consistent. Highlights:

  • Our company name should be capitalized as "Collagewall" – not "CollageWall."
  • The "Collagewall™ hanging system" is used to create "Collagewall™ displays". They are not "Collagewalls" or "Collage Walls."
  • They are "push-in pegs" not "hanging pegs" or "push-pins."
  • "Grid paper" is cut down into a "paper templates" that you tape up on the wall.
  • In the grid, each 6" square area with a peg is a "cell." There are 4 cells per square foot.

Legal notices for U.S.A

All marketing content needs to include a notice at the bottom:

"Collagewall" is a registered trademark of Collagewall Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,333,026.

And on each page or ad, the reader needs to see that "Collagewall" is a registered trademark. You can either:

  • Use ® with the name like this Collagewall® at least once, or
  • Include the above trademark/patent notice at the bottom on the page.

Legal notices for Canada

All marketing content needs to include a notice at the bottom:

"Collagewall" is a trademark of Collagewall Inc.

And on each page or ad, the reader needs to see that "Collagewall" is a trademark. You can either:

  • Use ™ with the name like this Collagewall™ at least once, or
  • Include the above trademark/patent notice at the bottom on the page.

Collagewall logo

We don't require that lab partners use our logo, but you may. The ® should be left in.

Sample product page

View sample product page

The page includes:

  • Overview text with diagram of panel sizes
  • "Features" section with features and how it works
  • Sample display photos
  • "Layouts and Pricing" section as 4-column HTML with layout images

You may copy the text and/or entire HTML for your own website.

Overview slideshow

The overview slideshow is a set of images designed to be shown as a slideshow, gallery or carousal on your website. They are 3:4 aspect ratio at a resolution matching an iPad Retina display. Scale them down as needed.

These full-resolution images and Keynote source files are hosted by DropBox:

The master Keynote file (Mac) is here in case you need to edit the captions or change the sequence of images. It also can be used to present the product in-store or at events.

The fonts used in this Keynote file – Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed and 67 Medium Condensed – are in this folder as well. They should only be used for editing this one document and not used for other non-Collagewall projects.

Picture style photos

We have product shots for hardboard, metal and acrylic picture styles. On both red and white walls. Square cropped and uncropped. These full-resolution images are hosted by DropBox:

Layout PDFs and images

We have two versions of a printable "Layouts" sheet. See Production page for explanation of the differences.

For your website and other uses, we have the small, grey-box layout images for all the Collagewall layouts at:

If you need larger versions of the layout images, we have a way to render them for you. Just ask.

Sample display photos

We have a small collection of sample Collagewall display images that we have permission to share with our lab partners. These full-resolution images are hosted by DropBox:

Info images for ROES

For the ROES catalog, we provide info images that you can use as-is or customize. So far, we have available just these files:

Not finding something you need?

Please email us to request other documents, images or text that will help you sell Collagewall displays.